Adding links to WordPress posts

Here’s how you add links to your posts (and pages). You can use this if you want to link back to a source you’re referring to. Here’s a sample post I’ve written – your window will look similar once you’ve started a new post:

If you wanted to add a link anywhere in this text, you first highlight the passage that you’d like to turn into a link. In my case I’d like the Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet in the second paragraph to link to my website

Once highlighted click on the little chain icon in the top row of the menu bar (the one to the right of the text alignment buttons). This will bring up a dialogue box like this one:

Place the URL you’d like to link to into the URL field, click Add Link and your text will now be clickable in your post. When people do click, they’ll be transported to the source you’re referring to.

You can also tick the “Open link in a new window/tab” box while you’re adding a link, in which case your visitor’s browser will open another tab. I like doing this so that people don’t navigate away from my site.

Just to clarify: the URL is a web address, like, or a much longer one like this one:

For example, if you were to reference my article “What exactly is a blog” then you’d use the link to the actual article, not just my website in general.

You can also remove a link to something if you’ve changed your mind. You do this by highlighting the passage containing the link in your post, then click the “broken chain” icon next to the previous one. That’ll make your link disappear.

Don’t forget to Update your post once you’ve made a change 😉