Domain Level Privacy

By default your personal details are available to prying eyes via something called a WHOIS query. This is a lookup of who has registered a domain, when it expires, which IP the domain is pointing at and which organization the domain has been registered with.

That’s not necessarily what you want people to know. It can lead to spam emails, sales calls and identity theft.

Domain Level Privacy (or ID Protect) is a way to obscure those details. WHOIS queries can still be made, but the details returned will either be phony or completely empty. It’s available for most domain, and we’re happy to arrange this for you.



Domain Level Privacy
Domain Level Privacy
Keeps your domain details safe from prying eyes.
Renews automatically once every year.

Price: $25.00
Domain Name:


Need a domain to go with that?

We can register most top-level domains on your behalf, or transfer them in so you have a single point of contact.

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