Standard Domains

With our single WordPress instances you’ll receive one standard domain for free. In case you need any others, use the option below.

Domain Registration
Domain Registration
Standard Top-Level domain. You can register the following extensions:
  • .com / .net / .org
  • / /
  • .info / .us / .biz / .eu / .name / .tel
Renews automatically once every year.

Price: $25.00
Domain Name:


Interested in Domain Level Privacy?

By default your details can be revealed with WHOIS queries. That means every creep and internet stalker with a keen interest in you can find out where you live. To keep those details confidential we can arrange for Domain Level Privacy. Click here to find out more.


Is your domain name available?

Right now our system can’t check if a domain is available for registration automatically (I know it’s lame, but we’re working on it). Head over to and check which extension is free, then come back here and add it to the field above when you sign up.