Features you’ll love

You’ll LOVE the features we’ve cooked up for you.

We just don’t like bragging about them on the first page.

By Humans for Humans

With us it’s personal: we’re not a large conglomerate, you’re not a machine, and neither are we. Machines just work for us, but speaking to them isn’t always easy. We’ve made it so that you can talk to us, and we talk to the machines (we know what they want to hear). From one human to another.

PS: All our servers have names and we think they like us 😉

Unlimited Traffic

We don’t get charged for traffic by our providers, so why would we charge you in return? Transfer as much data as you want and use it for whatever you like – it’s your own personal All You Can Eat Data Buffet!

Nightly Backups

Every night we’re backing up our entire network of servers. You never know when something nasty happens – just in case it does, we’ll be able to bring our entire network back online in no time. We’ll throw that in for free. Don’t mention it.


We employ state of the art anti-virus and anti-malware products on our servers to keep the bad guys out. Furthermore we have a host intrusion detection system that works across the entire network. It monitors all incoming connections and drops a bad IP address when it starts to brute force us at 3am at night.


It goes without saying that if you have a new website, you also want to accept email on your new domain. Of course that’s possible! Let us know what you’d like and we’ll set that up for you!

Wonderful Support

If it’s about WordPress, we can help: anything from a small theme tweak, a complex plugin installation or a custom build – throw it our way and we’ll give you a quote. After all, that’s how we got into hosting in the first place.

Knowledgebase and Screencasts

Not sure where and how to get started? Head over to our excellent and ever growing Knowledgebase. It’s full of good stuff to get you started or help you out. We’re adding content there all the time, including some of the best WordPress screencasts on the web. It’s on the house – enjoy!

Helping you grow

When the time comes and you need more than just a website, we can help you grow with the demands of becoming popular and bigger than you already are. Dedicated Servers or large amounts of FTP space, we’ve got you covered – just drop us a line and we’ll talk about it.

Green Hosting

We want to be energy efficient and climate friendly. That is why our servers have been running on renewable energy since 2008 – based in the UK and Germany. Don’t worry, although we use energy efficient servers, that doesn’t mean they are not powerful enough to drive your website and keep you online…

Paperless billing

All billing statements sent to customers via e-mail. We’ve also replaced our welcome packages with information that is available in electronic form. This saves a significant amount of paper each year.

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