How to change the WordPress Home Page URL

Most WordPress sites are setup to show visitors something like the following URL:

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the WordPress installation lives in the root directory of your site – it could live somewhere else like – but you won’t want people to see the “wordpress” part of the URL.

It is possible to change the Home Page URL (i.e. what’s displayed in the browser) regardless of where WordPress is installed.

There are a couple of edits in your index.php file you need to do, and once that’s taken care of you need to edit the permalink structure too. It’s explained in this article here:

By default we install all WordPress sites in the root directory here at WP Hosting. If you’re hosting elsewhere and would like us to change this for you we’re more than happy to do this – head over and book a half hour support slot and your Home Page URL will look better than ever 😉