How to use the image widget on the Blogum Theme

So you have the Blogum Theme and you want to use the image widget. Here’s how to do that:

Once you’ve dragged the image widget to your sidebar you’ll see an empty dialogue like this:

I know what you’re going to say: too many options, and what on earth do they all mean. Let’s go through them one by one.

Widget Title is the heading above this image that will be displayed. You can leave it blank if you like.

The next space “Image URL” is the important one – that’s the direct link to your image. It’ll be something like I’ll show you in a moment how to upload an image via the WordPress Media Uploader and get the URL you need to paste there. Alt Text gets displayed when somebody hovers over your image, and Caption is as it says a caption underneath your picture.

The Width and Height field will change your image size so it’ll override your original image size. Say your image is 500×500 pixels, then if you leave those fields blank it’ll be displayed as 500×500 pixels. However, if you change those fields to 250×250 then your picture will be displayed at half its size, or if you specify say 150×300 then it’ll be stretched.

Link URL is the URL that your picture would link to – if you put there then people will land at Google when they click your picture.

If you want to use an image on your hard drive, then your first task will be to upload it to WordPress. You do this by going to Media – Add New. Find the picture of your choice and after a few moments you’ll see a dialogue like this:

You’re after the File URL so copy this and click save all changes.

Now you can go back to your Image widget and paste that URL as explained above into the Image URL field. Then you’re sorted.