SSL Certificate (with Extended Validation)

SSL Certificates encrypt traffic between your website and a visitor’s browser. URLs beginning with https:// make use of this, unlike URLs beginning with http:// which transfer data unencrypted or “in the clear”.

Typically there’s a little “lock” icon that browsers display when web traffic is transferred via SSL. High Security web browsers can trigger a “green bar” feature, which will appear in addition to the lock icon. This can be achieved with Extended Validation certificates.

While traffic is not “more secure” than with regular “lock only” certificates, it does install more trust in customers when they see the green bar option triggered. Financial institutions for example make use of this feature.

This certificate does just that. It’s valid for one whole year for a single domain and will renew automatically until cancelled.


SSL Certificate (with EV)
SSL Certificate (with EV)
Keeps traffic encrypted between your website and your visitors.
This SSL certificate triggers the "green bar" feature in high security web browsers (Extended Validation).
Renews automatically once every year.

Price: $199.00
Domain Name: