Help – Where has my content gone?

Sometimes you may find that you’ve been writing a post or page for a while, and then your computer crashes. Or your internet goes down. Or god knows what else happens, and you hadn’t clicked the save button yet.

Thanks to the auto-save feature of WordPress, your content should be should be safe and sound, even if you had not given it a title yet.

Here’s what I would do: go to Pages, All Pages (or Posts, all Posts respectively):


If you’ve had anything that was autosaved but not published, you’ll see something like this:


Notice the first entry here called “no title”, it’s not been published so WordPress saves it as a draft. Notice also that there’s currently one draft next to 11 published pages.

If you don’t have any drafts the word is not displayed and all pages are published. If you have any deleted pages then you’ll also find the word “Trash” at the top there. This allows you to bring things back if you’ve changed your mind.

If you have published your page at any point then it’s likely any of the pages from the list. Since you’ve seen the page save it’s likely hidden somewhere.

Hope this helps bring your page back, happy hunting 😉