Why is WP Hosting different from other hosts?

Usually hosting companies don’t focus on one product in particular. They’re open to every application and every website. WP Hosting only hosts WordPress sites and optimises infrasturcture so your WordPress site can blossom.

Often your static content and your database is served from the same machine – which can make your site respond very slow at busy times, especially if you share the same server with 400 other websites.

WP Hosting utilises a network of servers which work together so your content can be served faster.

We replicate your database and serve your content from more than one database server at a time – just like WordPress.com do it so well for nearly 19 million blogs.

That’s great for redundancy, but it’s even better for serving content faster around the globe: a visitor from Australia will get content from a server closer to home, whereas a visitor from the US gets the same from a server stateside.

Sounds good?

We’re launching soon – leave your mail and you can be one of the first to come aboard!