Woo Theme `Simplicity’ – how to change the footer colour to match the site colour

There should be an option for your Theme’s Settings, it’s probably called Simplicity. The first tab there is called Theme Options. At the very bottom of the page is a box for Custom CSS like this:


Add the following code in the box to change the footer to white:

#footer-widgets-container {background: #fff}

#footer-container {background: #fff}

Then save your changes and have a look. Usually I test these things out on my site before I give advice such things but in this case I haven’t got the core files to make sure it works.

Try adding this to the Custom CSS box underneath the code from before:

#footer-widgets-container p {color: #000}

#footer-widgets-container li {color: #000}

#footer-container p {color: #000}

#footer-container li {color: #000}

This *should* target text properties inside both footer areas.

You can always ask one of the guys over at the Woo Themes Forum – they’ll help you out on Woo Themes related tweaks and issues: http://www.woothemes.com/support-forum/