Video Tutorials

I’ll tell you all there is to know about WordPress and how to use it.

Workshop: How to Upgrade WordPress

In this screencast I’ll show you how easy it is to upgrade the WordPress Core, Themes and several Plugins at once. Note that this may not work on some hosts. If you’re hosting with me you have...

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Workshop: WordPress Workflow

Let’s have a look at the basics of working with WordPress. I’ll show you how to use the “back end” and the “front end” at the same time.  I’ll also demonstrate how a...

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Workshop: Writing Pages

In this screencast I’ll tell you everything you need to know about writing pages in WordPress. These are great for static information that does not change over time.Once you grasp this, you’ll be...

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Workshop: Setting up your Front Page

If you want a static page instead of your blog posts on the front page, this screencast is for you. I’ll explain all you need to know to remove the blog from your home tab (as is the default)....

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Workshop: Custom Menus

In this screencast I will introduce you to the WordPress Menu System. With it you can add pages, blog categories and even internal/external hyperlinks to your menu. You can even create pages that will never...

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