Video Tutorials

I’ll tell you all there is to know about WordPress and how to use it.

Workshop: Adding Widgets to your Sidebar

In this screencast I’ll explain how you populate your sidebar with useful widgets. WordPress has plenty of them built-in and it’s really easy to add them to your site. Many websites offer badges...

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Workshop: Getting to know your Dashboard

Get up-close and personal with the WordPress Dashboard! In this screencast I will explain how to operate and customise your first port of call after login. You’ll learn all about how to customise the...

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How to add new Themes to your website

Let’s take a look at how to add new layout designs (Themes) to your website and how to activate them. You’ll love this feature about WordPress: your content stays the same while the look and feel...

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Adding Links to your Website

In this workshop I’ll show you how you can add links to your sidebar. WordPress has a very convenient Links Manager in the backend. You can use it to either display and share your links, or if you want...

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