How to exclude YouTube videos from Google Search Results

Sometimes you google something, and all you get is a huge list of YouTube videos. In many situations, that’s just not what I want. Thankfully there’s an easy way to exclude YouTube videos from your Google Search Results!

All we need to do is add ” -youtube” to our search query! That’s without the quotes, but with the leading space to separate -youtube from your search query.

Google accepts various parameters within the query string. The often overlooked ones are + to include a search term, and – to exclude one. For example, if you wanted to look for funny cat pictures that do NOT contain dogs, search for something like this:

funny cat pictures -dogs

To narrow this search down to results only from Montana:

funny cat pictures -dogs +montana

I trust you get the picture. For our YouTube example, we’re doing exactly the same. Written articles on Blender character animation without any videos can be returned like this:

blender character animation -youtube


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