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Using Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

Posted on Feb 14, 2019

Ever since I’ve discovered how useful Spaces are on my Mac, I’ve been wanting a similar functionality in Windows. I’ve come across this feature in KDE and Gnome on Linux, but not in Windows....

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How to find your Twitch Stream Key (2019)

Posted on Feb 10, 2019

The Twitch web interface changes what feels like every two months, which means I can never find my Twitch streaming key (granted, we only needed when setting up a new package). So for February 2019,...

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How to download videos from YouTube in 1080p

Posted on Feb 9, 2019

When I do live streams on YouTube, I frequently forget to record my programme locally. I guess there’s just so many buttons to press in the heat of the moment. Hence I was looking for a way to extract...

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