How to find your Akismet API Key

akismet-logo-180x180It’s happened to me more often than I can remember: you build a new site, you want to put it live, and you want to switch on Akismet. You know you have an API key – but where on earth is it?

If you’re running Kismet

If you have the Akismet Plugin installed, head over to Plugins – Akismet Configuration. Among other things you’ll find your API Key there.

If you’re running Jetpack

If you have the Jetpack plugin installed then you need to look under Jetpack – Akismet.

If you don’t have an existing Akismet API Key

You can get one for free it it’s for personal use. However, the way to sign up to Akismet changes pretty much every year. As of 2013, follow these steps:

  • head over to
  • sign in with your credentials (if you don’t have those you need to sign up at first
  • allow Akismet to connect to your WordPress account
  • click “sign up for a subscription”
  • choose your price plan
  • be greeted by an “All Done” page and your big API key at the top of the page