How to get started with WordPress

There are two very easy ways you can get started with WordPress, I’ll explain both options here. First however you need to decide where your blog is heading – this is important because there are two different versions of WordPress available to you. I’ve explained the difference between these versions in the article called v self hosted in the Knowledge Base.

In a nutshell, one version is free and ready to go straight away. All you have to do is sign-up at, pick a name for your blog and start writing content. This version has some restrictions, like displaying adverts, Javascript code and you wont’ be able to add functionality to it should your needs change.

The other version is technically also free but requires you to host the WordPress software on a web server. The advantage here is that you can add every functionality and layout you like and are free to do with WordPress as you please (you CAN display adverts, add Javascript code, add a shopping cart, and so forth).

You can sign up with many of the leading webhosts, but you’ll still be faced to install WordPress which can be a daunting for a newbie. I also offer hosting with WordPress pre-installed and ready to go so you can start writing content straight away. You can sign up here:

You can have a look through my online tutorials on how to use WordPresss, regardless of which version you choose: