How to rescue Melissa from Room 218 in Hotel Dusk: The Electrical Switch Puzzle

I had great trouble solving the Electrical Switch puzzle in Hotel Dusk: Room 215 on the DS 44670 Emulator. The puzzle requires us to flick two switches up at the same time to restore electricity to the room Melisa is hiding in. Sadly the Nintendo DS was never multi touch capable, but this puzzle seemingly requires this. Not going to happen, let alone on an emulator.

What’s worse is that trying something will lead either Kyle or Louie to speak a multi-line message, which means we can’t just try again without waiting for 10 seconds. Puzzle designs like these shouldn’t be allowed, I have no idea how this slipped past quality control. I can see why Cing went out of business…

There is a trick to this though: touch the left switch first, hold it without moving up, then use a second finger/stylus and tough in the middle. Now move that second finger up and let go of the first – hey presto, Melissa smiles and we can all get on with the game.

This fantastic tip comes courtesy of mchester117 on Reddit. Thanks buddy! This game is so nice that it deserves to be remembered, for both its art style and story (and we’ll forgive trash puzzles like this).

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