Should I have more than one website?

Depending on the amount of projects you have, it may be a good idea to create separate websites for them. However, when you’re starting out with your very first website it’s probably better to focus on one, and then later start another one.

Let me share some thoughts with you.

If you had several unrelated projects (for example a Vegetarian business, but also maybe a car repair business) then two website would make perfect sense. But since your services are very related (i.e. both feature vegetarian food in a certain area) one website to over all your products would be ideal. Two websites would mean twice the upkeep.

I’d say have separate pages for separate products on your website instead.

Domain Names

The choice of domain has become less important these days as compared to 10 years ago. As the number of domains and extensions grows we mostly get to other websites via links that we click (either through Google searches or links on other websites, including Twitter and Facebook). The only time a domain is important is if it’s shown on a flyer or a poster, anywhere people need to memorise it so they can type it into their devices. Therefore, a short and snappy memorable domain is then much better than one that describes your business exactly.

Let’s take some examples from the High Street: doesn’t mean anything drug or cosmetic related. Same with or – these names mean something to us because we know the brands. Some companies try, like B&Q and their website – but they of course have too because we don’t make the mental leap from “DIY Shop” to actually typing in Even though it’s short and snappy to remember, I wouldn’t think of typing it in so I end up at the B&Q website.

If you have a good idea for a catchy name for your business then I’d go with that as your domain rather than your business description.

Having said that, if you start with one domain and later think that you found a better one you can always link the new domain to your old one, so that when people type it into their browser they will still reach your site. This would only cost the domain per year without hosting (it’s called a redirect) and is fairly cheap.

Hope this helps 😉