Where to find a List of all Clips you’ve made from YouTube Videos

YouTube have recently introduced their new Clips Feature. These are quick and easy snippets that users can create from eligible videos, referencing a section of the original video. You can create a clip by using the little scissors icon underneath a video. When you’re done you’ll get a handy URL you can share, like this one:

I was wondering if there’s a list of clips I’ve created somewhere. I thought the most logical place would perhaps be inside YouTube Studio, but I didn’t find anything there. Turns out such a list is right on the YouTube front page: on the left hand side, find the Your Clips Section. It’ll show you everything you’ve ever clipped.

If you ever need to delete a clip, or need to grab its URL again, click on the three little dots icon next to it for a context menu.

Happy Clipping!

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